Terms and Conditions

High-Speed Internet Offer Bundled with Digital Phone State Unlimited Voice-Calling Plan

Monthly modem fee of $6.99 applies in addition to promotional price. New bundled Frontier High-Speed Internet and unlimited intra-state long distance voice-calling plan for residential customers only. Services subject to availability and may require feature-enabled equipment. Requires a one- or two-year Price Protection Plan. A $200 early termination fee applies. Installation options vary and charges may apply. Applicable taxes, surcharges and USF (Universal Service Fee) charges apply. If You move your residence out of Frontier's service territory, we will impose a termination fee of $50 instead of the termination fee stated above. Intra-state long distance minutes exclude 900, international, and directory assistance calls and apply only to direct-dialed calls made from your main home telephone number (and on second phone line with qualifying free second phone line offer with High-Speed Internet). Also see "Digital Phone State Unlimited Offers". Other restrictions may apply.

Tennessee Residents: This offer contains telecommunications services that are also available separately. Should you desire to purchase only one of the services included in this offer, without additional products or services, you may purchase that particular service individually at the price posted on www.frontier.com or filed with the Tennessee Regulatory Authority.

Last Updated: October 14, 2010