Frontier Internet in Yerington, Nevada

At an Incredibly Low Price

Max wired speeds as fast as 6 Mbps.
Wi-Fi speeds may vary.
Service Price For Life
Share photos, stream music, check email, do homework
No term contract required


Frontier gets you connected with safety-first installations.

Tier 1

Price For Life

  • Stay connected to friends and family with social media
  • Price For Life
  • No Annual Contract


Tier 2

Preferred Internet

  • Stream videos and share photos online in a flash
  • 1-YEAR Price Guarantee
  • No Annual Contract


Tier 3

Premium Internet

  • Video chat, game and share files quickly
  • 1-YEAR Price Guarantee
  • No Annual Contract


Your Nevada Frontier Residential Internet Service

At Frontier, we work hard to be sure you get the most out of your Internet experience. In our commitment to clarity, we have some key information about your wired Internet speeds. In all instances, regardless of the service tier or package selected:
(1) the maximum provisioned speed in a tier is the highest wired speed you will receive;
(2) the average speed may be slower; and
(3) your actual speed is subject to multiple factors. These factors include the number of other users on our network that connects you to the internet, congestion and other traffic on the internet. Your wired service speed for new internet services in Nevada will be determined at installation based on your location and communicated to you after installation. The actual internet speed at your service address and your ability to access various internet services/sites, e.g., streaming or gaming, will vary as a result of factors like (a) connecting to Wi-Fi; (b) multiple users or devices on the same account; (c) the capacity, performance or limitations of your inside wiring, computer, equipment, device(s) or modem; and/or (d) congestion and other traffic on our network or in the Internet. The above information is a guide to what you can expect in terms of service speed. However, this is not a statement, representation or guarantee of the service speed you will receive. Frontier makes no representation, promise or warranty, express or implied, that you will receive or be able to download or upload data at any particular speed. Please also see our terms and conditions for residential internet services located at Thank you for being a Frontier customer!

Frontier Home Internet Options in Yerington, NV

Frontier FiOS® Internet

FiOS® delivers the speed of fiber optics with the dependability you expect from Frontier. Fiber optics bring the internet to your home via ultra-fast pulses of light. It’s a totally different technology than other types of home internet service in Yerington, Nevada. FiOS® can deliver unbelievable speeds that open up a whole new way of experiencing the web. Whether you like to game, stream videos, upload photos or work from home, everything is more amazing on the 100% fiber-optic network.

Frontier DSL High Speed Internet

If FiOS® isn’t in Yerington, NV, you may be able to get broadband internet with Frontier High Speed Internet (HSI). HSI has a dedicated connection that comes directly to your home from the Frontier central office. HSI is delivered over existing phone lines, which means it’s available in some cities where FiOS® isn’t. It’s faster and more reliable than dial-up, and it’s ideal for checking email, browsing the web, social media, and online shopping.

Call 1-800-961-0470 to check FiOS® availability in Yerington, Nevada.

Upload photos, download music and never worry about your internet connection. Frontier High Speed Internet service in Yerington, Nevada allows you to connect at lightning speeds. Simply choose one of our service plans, High Speed Internet or satellite (eligibility for the product depending on the address of the service). Enabling Wi-Fi service, which we include with your plan, from a central location in your home allows you to browse, send, upload or download virtually anything you or your family need.

Our High Speed Internet service plans in Yerington, Nevada offer internet connectivity at an affordable price. Our service packages offer different download speeds at different prices, allowing our customers to choose the plan that best suits their needs, as well as their economy. Call us and we will help you choose; Just let us know how many videos on the Internet at the same time, and / or how many video games are connected to the network at the same time.

For customers in remote areas of Yerington, Frontier's satellite Internet means staying connected to the digital world, even when access to other high-speed technologies is not always possible. Frontier Satellite Internet is designed specifically for customers residing in locations with fewer services.

It's easy to switch to Frontier. We offer flexible terms and prices.

What is Frontier DSL High Speed Internet?

Frontier DSL (digital subscriber line) is a type of technology that connects you to the internet over a telephone network. Frontier’s DSL gives you a dedicated internet access line from our central office to your home that’s all yours.

Our Internet service comes to your home through a copper line dedicated only to your home, and is not shared with any of your neighbors (unlike the Internet service of cable companies); This allows us to guarantee our speeds and quality of service all the time, without there being any "peak hours" that affect it, so that there are no delayed connections, delays or falls while doing streaming or playing. Sit, fire and wait.

Benefits of Frontier DSL Service

Frontier DSL is best for those who:

  • Want to use the phone and internet at the same time
  • Prefer to use a modem to connect
  • Are located close to their internet provider’s central office
  • Don’t want to share speed with neighbors

Frontier DSL Provides

  • A 24/7 connection to the internet
  • Greater bandwidth capacity than dialup
  • Wider variety of speed tiers than dialup
  • More reliable network performance and higher speeds than dialup

Why Frontier FiOS® Internet?

Unlike cable, FiOS® provides a 100% fiber-optic network for your home. No network is better equipped than FiOS® to support multiple devices and users simultaneously.

The fastest internet available

FiOS® is capable of incredible speeds. Choose a plan with 500 Mbps — fast enough to download 2 hours of HD video (5 GB) in less than 2 minutes. What could you do with all that speed? Whether it’s sharing large photo albums and videos, streaming amazing content, high-performance gaming, or surfing the web with near-instant page loads, we think you’ll find a few ways to enjoy the mind-blowing speed of FiOS® Internet.

Frontier FiOS® reliability

Fiber optics help make the FiOS® network 99.9% reliable. Watch clear, sharp TV. Check email and search the web whenever you need to. Make and receive calls from friends and loved ones. With TV, phone and internet from FiOS®, you can rest assured that you’ll be connected when you need to be. And if you ever have a question about your service, Verizon customer support will be there for you 24/7. Make the switch today.

†PRICE FOR LIFE DETAILS: Limited-time offer on Frontier Internet service tier only. The Wi-Fi router service fee ($10/mo.), taxes, governmental surcharges, and other fees are extra and subject to increase.

*EVERYDAY LOW PRICE DETAILS: Limited-time offer on Preferred and Premium speed tiers. After 12 months, monthly rates for Internet and voice service are subject to change. The Wi-Fi router service fee ($10/mo.), taxes, governmental surcharges, and other fees are extra and subject to increase.

**NO DATA CAPS. Other terms and conditions apply, including Frontier's Acceptable Use Policy & Network Management Policy, and are subject to change without notice.

$27.99 Internet offer: Must subscribe to new Internet with maximum speed range between 0.5 Mbps and 6 Mbps download. Installation fee of $75 is waived for Internet self-install only; applies for Internet and voice double play. $40 installation applies with triple play. See ALL INTERNET OFFERS.

$34.99 Preferred Internet offer: Must subscribe to new Internet with maximum speed range between 6.1 Mbps and 25 Mbps download. $75 professional installation fee applies to single play. $40 installation applies if customer chooses voice or DISH TV. After 12 months, monthly rates for Internet service subject to change. See ALL INTERNET OFFERS.

$44.99 Premium Internet offer: Must subscribe to new Internet with maximum speed range between 25.1 Mbps and 115 Mbps download. $40 professional installation fee applies to single play. Installation fee waived if customer chooses voice or DISH TV. After 12 months, monthly rates for Internet service subject to change. See ALL INTERNET OFFERS.

ALL INTERNET OFFERS:Limited-time offer for new residential Frontier customers in select areas.Offer not available in select areas of CT, IL, MN, NC, OH, NY, TX, and SC. Call the listed number to check availability at your address.The maximum speed range will depend on provisioned product tier.Maximum service speed is not available to all locations and the maximum speed for service at your location may be lower than the maximum speed in this range. Service speed is not guaranteed and will depend on many factors. Your ability to stream may be limited by speeds available in your area. Service subject to availability. Equipment fees, taxes, governmental surcharges, and fees, including Wi-Fi router service fee ($10/mo.), and other applicable charges extra, and subject to change. A $9.99 equipment delivery/handling fee applies. A $9.99 broadband processing fee upon disconnection of service applies. Minimum system requirements and other terms and conditions apply. Standard charges apply for jack installation, wiring and other additional services.

Frontier reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time. Other restrictions apply.

The FiOS marks are owned by Verizon Trademark Services LLC and used under license.

Frontier is following applicable CDC and state required procedures to protect against Covid-19 transmission. Frontier is using its best efforts in this regard. However, Frontier accepts no liability for illness related to installation or the provision of Frontier services. Frontier also reserves the right to delay, postpone or cancel installation for reasons related to Covid-19 and / or state or local rules, regulations or orders regarding Covid-19.